Grow HR is a Shanghai based Human Capital Consulting firm specializing
in Executive Search and Consulting Services in Greater China and the APAC
region. Our core business is identifying and assessing outstanding talents
and recruiting them into leadership roles. We cooperate with a diverse group of
select clients – including Fortune 500, entrepreneurial business, and family owned
companies – to find the ideal professional who fits their specific requirements.


of companies in China are expecting to increase headcount


of companies in China are most likely to use a headhunting firm as the primary channel of talent acquisition


of employees prefer to use a headhunting firm as the primary channel for seeking another position





Candidate division


Western recruits


Chinese recruits


Placements within 1 month

Popular tools for attraction/retention

  • Structured career progression 47%
  • Recognition and rewards 39%
  • Strong company culture 36%
  • Work / life balance initiatives 26%
  • Training and mentoring partnerships 24%


Whether you’re looking to find an HR-partner or looking to advance in your career, we’re happy to have a chat!


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