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The communication with Grow HR was great! Grow HR always gave good advice whenever I came across questions. Grow HR always gave me a hand whenever I needed help. The impression I have of Grow HR is that Grow HR is a very professional company who always respond timely and works proactively. If given the chance, I would recommend Grow HR to every candidate. Michael Zhao

Chief Technology Officer, Motion Global

Positive, efficient and accurate

Getting my job at Lindex through Grow HR was an amazing experience. Everything went so smooth, but exciting at the same time. From the first interview with Grow HR, to the second interview with the manager of Lindex, to the third interview with line managers and new colleagues, to getting the official offer and contract took just around one month from after my previous company announced that they were shutting down. Grow HR really “filters” job for both the candidate and the client. Grow HR first recommended a different position but then felt that the position might not be the perfect fit for me even though I wanted to give it a try, they then present an opportunity they felt would be a really good opportunity for me, which is the QC Manager position at Lindex. I love this company so much. I think Grow HR’s “filter” system is the key that really makes Grow HR different from other companies and differentiate them from other companies’ “make money way”! The experience with Grow HR made me so positive about myself and my career, I am grateful to Grow HR. Summer Zhou

QC Manager, Lindex, Stockmann Group

We are dedicated to meeting your specific objectives and requirements. We work with market leading companies, and have the industry experience and network to uncover opportunities. Grow HR will ensure that every candidate are uniquely matched with the best possible position. By being attentive to your needs and care about your aspirations, we make sure to help you find your career path. No matter if you are actively looking for a job or just curious about the market, visit our job openings or upload your CV. Our promise is to initiate contact within 24 hours.

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