Lecture, Fudan University: Doing Business in China

Our Managing Director, Mette Leger, held a lecture at Nordic Center, Fudan University about Doing Business in China and Entrepreneurship


We see China today shift from a manufacturing country to a consumer country, the traditional “Made in China” will be replaced by “Designed in China”. China’s future competitiveness will come from innovation, design, and quality, rather than price. Even though the economic boom has slowed down, China still have a great growth compared to the rest of the world. One of China’s three main focus is to carry out a transition from an economy depending on export to an economy where the growth is based on domestic consumption.

For 25 attending students from the Nordic countries, Europe, and Asia, Mette Leger held a lecture about Doing Business in China and Entrepreneurship. She covered China’s economic background and development, as well as what consequences we see today, and will see in the nearest future that follows this rapid growth. Furthermore, she discussed, taken examples from real life, why some businesses has succeeded in China while others don’t.